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Who We Are

We obsess over the little details so you can focus on the Big Idea!

BILD Design Studio llc takes its name from the acronym BILD meaning “Big Ideas Little Details”. We take this slogan to heart and take great care to offer our clients a streamlined approach to bringing their visions no matter how Big or complex into fruition. Started in 2015 by Jereme Smith AIA BILD is a practice focused on creative, innovative, forward-thinking designs. We achieve this through our collaborative approach and cutting-edge technology driven process. At BILD we believe in bringing the best minds together for any given project and will often partner with other design professionals and market experts to make sure we are bringing the best talent and expertise to the table for our clients benefit

What we offer

We offer full service architectural Design for commercial, residential, and institutional clients. BILD Design Studio also works closely as an industry consultant providing BIM expertise and project Management to other design professionals in the AEC industry. In addition to traditional architectural design, we have an inhouse team that can provide industry leading Architectural visuals, animations and interactive Virtual Reality experiences for our clients. This enables our clients to make meaningful decisions early on in the design process that can be instrumental in the success of the final project.


Our staff is energetic, cooperative, diverse and committed to making your project a memorable, site specific and client driven success!

Team Leadership

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